Factory 3D View enable to view pan and zoom multi factories and workcenters in a 3D space


At the Odoo Experience 2020 we presented multi warehouse 3D view.

This year we are proud to present a new 3D view based on to monitor the work centers. We will show how to configure a factory plant in order to be able to get a dashboard 3D view and immediately visualize the factory and the working state of each workcenter using different colors, like, for instance, yellow (Normal), red (Blocked) and green (In Progress).

This 3D dashboard is very similar to the real factory plant so executives and each manager can monitor the plant. You can render all the workcenters and switch the view from one factory plant to another.

We will present a way to represent objects with different shapes (not only cubes) and rotations, both for 3D workcenter project and for the 3D warehouse.

We will show how to integrate three.js and Odoo web interface to get a new dimension!


3D view Odoo