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It's Open Source

Anyone can freely access, distribute and modify opensource software

It's Community Driven

It is the  #1 worldwide ERP community

over +20.000 people

It's Web Based

Install one and use in every device: pc, tablet and mobile using a browser



It's Cloud and Promise

You can choose to install in a VPS

or in a local VM server

It's SQL Database

Use PostgreSQL the #1 database

opensource and totally scalable

It's an App mosaic

Thousand of features available in the

#1 ERP app market

Odoo the Digital Framework  to integrate all business flows.
Openindustry develops solutions to integrate Odoo in your company, manage your partners with CRM solution, build your e-commerce website, plan MRP purchase and inventory, sales, invoice and much more.


What we can do, for you

Digital Transformation

Leader in digital business, we’re helping companies of all sizes to thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

Web & App Development

We have collected solid experience in building native and cross-platform mobile applications and websites. Check our portfolio from clients around the world.

Marketing Promotion & Strategy

We’ll build with you a clear promotion strategy. Thus, you’ll have an actionable plan to influence people about your business, generate more leads, and boost customer engagement.


Do you cloud?

you can try  stock 3D version 14


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