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odoo experience 2020 1 october 17:00


3D representation of multi-warehouse locations

This presentation will focus on a set of addons for the 3D view of the locations
 of one or more warehouses.

#OdooExperience 2017

Visualize Your Warehouse Locations at a Glance: Back to a 3D World

Odoo CMS - un immagine grande

Davide Corio & Openindustry.it

We show an Odoo module designed to represent the stock locations structure of the warehouse using the Three.js library (https://threejs.org) and WebGL with a new type of view on the warehouse model. Three.js allows the creation of GPU-accelerated 3D animations using the JavaScript language as part of a website without relying on proprietary browser plugins. This is possible thanks to the advent of WebGL. High-level libraries such as Three.js make it possible to author complex 3D computer animations that display in the browser without the effort required for a traditional standalone application or a plugin. The talk will cover the basics of Three.js fundamentals, Odoo view development and some new wms/logistics features we added in order to have a working prototype. This talk is useful for both backend/frontend developers and functional consultants interested in delving into the details of warehouse management and logistics. With this module it's possible to virtually navigate your facilities to support optimization of routes and pickings.